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[Photos] Winter TCA Tour – “Impulse” Panel+Photocall

Hi!!! Maddie attended the Winter TCA Tour yesterday with Doug Liman, Dave Bartis, Gene Klein, Lauren LeFranc, and Missi Pyle. I have added 9 HQ pictures from this event to the gallery.More pics soon!

‘Impulse’ Explores Sexual Assault And Teleportation On YouTube Red — TCA

DEADLINE — Sexual assault is at the center of YouTube’s teleportation thriller Impulse.

Based on the third novel in the “Jumper” series by Steven Gould, Impulse features 16-year-old Henrietta, aka Henry (Maddie Hasson) who discovers she has the ability to teleport. The first time she realizes this, she is in a truck with her high school’s Golden Boy, who tries to rape her. She has a seizure and teleports, in the course of which she inadvertently crushes him, leaving him a paraplegic.

Episodes going forward explore Henry’s need to reconcile what her assaulter tried to do with the consequence, and her feelings about discovering she can teleport with her feelings about the assault.

Director/EP Doug Liman called it a big breakthrough in the development of the series, a world he previously explored with the film Jumper. “I wanted another shot at it,” Liman said, calling it “of all my films the one I was least happy with.”

Henry’s ability to teleport is more a curse than a blessing; desperate to get out of the small provincial town, she keeps getting teleported back, Liman explained to TV critics at TCA.

The pilot was shot before LeFranc came on board as showrunner, who recognized the assault scene as something that should be expanded upon and deepened, so they went back and re-shot it.

LeFranc said her vision of the series was as an exploration of what it’s like for a woman to go through that experience moving forward.

Every episode also delves into the impact of the assault, showrunner Lauren LeFranc (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) explained.

“It was important to link teleportation with the assault because those two happened in the same moment,” she said. Speaking to survivors while doing research for the series, LeFranc says they asked that it not be dramatized as a journey that launches the males’ story, and that they please not make it neat, tidy, and “suddenly she’s evolved from that.”

A viewer warning at the start of the episode lets viewers know it depicts sexual violence, and a call to action concludes the first episode.

Impulse hails from Universal Cable Productions and studio-based Hypnotic and marks the first UCP series for YouTube.

[HD Screencaptures] Mr. Mercedes – 1.10 “Jibber-Jibber Chicken Dinner”

Hello Maddie Fans! I have added 34 captures from the season finale of Mr. Mercedes to the gallery

When another murder victim is discovered, suspicions about Brady are confirmed. As the police prepare for another massacre, Hodges fears for the safety of those he loves.

[HD Screencaptures] Mr. Mercedes – 1.08 “From the Ashes”

Hey! I have added 93 HD screencaptures from the latest episode of Mr. Mercedes “From the Ashes” to the gallery!

A critical error puts Brady in the center of a crisis of his own making. Holly and Jerome make a pivotal discovery. After a tragedy sends Hodges reeling, he goes to visit his daughter, Allie.

[HD Screencaptures] Mr. Mercedes – 1.06 “People in the Rain”

Hodges struggles with the past as it concerns his daughter, Allie. As Deb attempts to make a change for the better, Brady interferes. Robi continues pressuring Brady to impress their bosses. Hodges connects with Janey’s niece, Holly.

Toronto International Film Festival – ‘Novitiate’ Premiere (Photos)

Hello Maddie Fans!! Maddie attended the premiere of Novitiate on Sunday (september 10) during the Toronto International Film Festival and i have added 23 HQ photos to the gallery.
Thank you Emily, webmiss of MARGOT-ROBBIE.COM for the pictures!

HFPA & InStyle Annual Celebration Of 2017 TIFF – Photos

Hey!! Maddie attended the HFPA & InStyle Annual Celebration Of 2017 Toronto International Film Festival yesterday in Toronto. I have added 14 HQ pictures to the gallery!

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