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Episode 1.19 - Tale of Two Confessions
April 1st, 2014 on ABC Family Informations || Photos
A teen with a troubled past reconnects with his two female best friends from childhood. He becomes the prime suspect when a fellow student is surprisingly found dead in her home.
filming in Chicago

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Nylon Video – Captures

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I have added 143 HD screencaptures from the Nylon photoshoot! Maddie looks stunning

Nylon Video !

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Twisted – 1.19 HD Sreencaptures

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‘Twisted’ Star Maddie Hasson Joins Madison Davenport in ‘A Light Beneath Their Feet’

Posted on Apr 5th, 2014 in News0 Comments

Valerie Weiss is directing the coming-of-age dramedy, which co-stars Taryn Manning and Kurt Fuller

Maddie Hasson, who stars on ABC Family’s “Twisted,” has signed on to join Madison Davenport, Taryn Manning and Kurt Fuller in the coming-of-age dramedy “A Light Beneath Their Feet,” TheWrap has learned.

Valerie Weiss (“Losing Control”) is directing from a script by Moira McMahon Leeper, who previously wrote for “Private Practice” and MTV’s “Teen Wolf.”

In the vein of John Hughes’ teen movies, the character-driven story follows a high school senior (Davenport, “Noah”) who must choose between the college of her dreams and taking care of her bipolar mother (Manning, “Orange Is the New Black”).

Fuller (“Midnight in Paris”) will play the mother’s psychiatrist, while Hasson will play his hostile daughter, who is classmates with Davenport’s character.

Jeffrey Loeb and Rob Johnson are producing “A Light Beneath Their Feet,” having previously worked with Weiss on the indie movie “Losing Control,” which was released theatrically in 2012.

Hasson, who previously starred on Fox’s “The Finder,” was nominated for a 2013 Teen Choice Award for her current role as the star of ABC Family’s “Twisted.” She’s repped by UTA, Coast to Coast Talent Group and the Beddingfield Company.


Twisted – Spring Finale (4/1 at 9/8c) | Official Preview

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TV Line – Interview

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Twisted’s Maddie Hasson Teases ‘Messy’ Finale Cliffhanger and a ‘Possibility’ for Jo and Danny

Twisted‘s freshman season comes to a screeching halt on Tuesday (ABC Family, 9/8c) and star Maddie Hasson tells TVLine that the biggest revelations are still to come.
Below, Hasson previews what we can expect from the game-changing hour, including whether or not long-suffering Janny fans will finally get their reward.

TVLINE | We recently posted a clip of Charlie going bananas. Will we see him go crazier during the finale?
Oh, you’ll see Charlie at his craziest, for sure. Jack Falahee, the actor who plays Charlie, is very good. And he’s fairly new to film, so that’s incredible.

TVLINE | What else can we expect from Charlie? Will we learn anything new about him?
We find out some major things about Charlie and his past. Jo is becoming more and more creeped out by him, and she’s really starting to see through his lies as she discovers more about him throughout the episode. They also spend a lot of one-on-one time together, much to Jo’s dismay.

TVLINE | Any one-on-one moments for Jo and Danny?
Yes, there are a couple of really nice moments between Danny and Jo where they get to say their real feelings.

TVLINE | And those feelings are…?
[Laughs] I think the episode ends with a lot of possibility. They’re so busy with all the murder, lying and deceit, so it’s very hard to concentrate on their love lives. But it definitely ends with a moment of possibility.

TVLINE | I imagine fans have had quite a bit to say about Janny on Twitter.
Oh, absolutely. I guess there’s Dacey and Janny, and also Jico, which is Jo and Rico. And now there’s Lacey and Whitney. There are so many couples. Everybody’s dating each other, I can’t keep track.

TVLINE | The final also reveals a big secret about Whitney. What’s Jo’s reaction to that news, and what was yours?
I think Jo’s pretty indifferent to Whitney; they have, I think, one scene where they actually speak to each other. But I was very surprised about the reveal about Whitney and her father, Jack.

TVLINE | I know it’ll end on a cliffhanger, but how much resolution will there be?
There’s no resolution. Are you kidding me? What do you think you’re watching?

TVLINE | Of course, how silly of me. Can you say who’s involved in the cliffhanger?
Charlie, Jo’s parents, Danny, Danny’s family, Lacey … pretty much everyone. It’s a very mixed-up and messy cliffhanger. It’s nice to have everybody in one room, as actors, because we all get along so well. It’s a little harder to work sometimes, though, because we’re always laughing really hard. I remember when we shot the finale scene, they played a song that would be kind of the ambience to the end credits while we were rolling. I couldn’t take it seriously, even though it was so intense.

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