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Interview Fanlala with Maddie Hasson

FANLALA — Maddie Hasson plays the dark and reserved character on the hit ABC Family drama ‘Twisted.’ With the season finale rolling up, we wanted to get as many details as we could before it all goes down on Tuesday.

We got to chat with Maddie about her character and what to expect from this exciting episode. See what she had to say here!

Fanlala: Tell us how your character has grown throughout the full season? And has playing this character tied into your growth personally?
Maddie Hasson: I think playing Jo has helped me grow a little bit. I’m not too far out of high school. When I started playing Jo, I was 17, almost 18. She started out very shy and meek, and now she’s grown into her own personal strengths. Romantically, she’s definitely made an effort to grow independent.

F: What can we expect from the season finale this Tuesday?
MH: There are going to be a lot of questions answered, but you can expect even more to be raised. There’s also a HUGE cliffhanger involving a lot of the cast, so make sure you tune in for that!

F: Where do you hope the show twists in the future?
MH: I’d LOVE to see it go even darker than it already is…

F: Are there any future projects you can let your fans know of? I love your blue hair!
MH: Right now, I’m in Chicago shooting an independent film. I dyed my hair blue for the movie.

Before we parted ways, we asked Maddie if she had to say anything to her fans. She told us
Thank you so much for watching the show, commenting on social media, and making some awesome ship names – it’s REALLY cool!

We cannot wait to see what these cliffhangers that Maddie told us about will be. We’ll be tuning in to the season finale of ‘Twisted’ when it premieres this Tuesday, April 1 at 9:00pm ET/PT only on ABC Family!

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Maddie is featured inside the new issue of Interview Magazine!! You can check out 5 photos from the shoot in our photo gallery and the interview below

When we spoke with actress Maddie Hasson on the phone last week, our conversation began with her in the bath washing her hair, was frequently interrupted by the cries of our cat and her dog, and culminated in a car accident—almost. “I just got into a traffic accident—it’s fine, I’m fine—I’m just a terrible driver. I’m in my grandfather’s minivan, and I don’t know how to maneuver a large vehicle very well.” Amazingly, she survived the phone call unscathed.


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ABC Family’s Q&A with Maddie Hasson

Maddie Hasson portrays Jo Masterson on the ABC Family drama TWISTED. Today the actress spoke about the one-hour mystery of twists and turns which airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC Family.

Could you describe the relationship between Jo and Rico?
I don’t think she’s ever thought about him as anything other than her friend. She’s always thought of him as her best friend and someone who really gets her. They’re interested in the same things, they have fun together, and she can laugh with him. She can be child-like with him, she doesn’t have to deal with the serious things in her life.

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Maddie was a guest on Good Day LA to promote the Twisted season finale. I have added 149 screen captures from this interview in our gallery and you can watch the video right here

Maddie Hasson First Television Interview

You’d think someone who stars on a hit series would have a lot of confidence, but for Maddie Hasson that wasn’t the case on Good Day LA.

My first thingy and I’m going to cry!” She told Steve and Heather Monday morning about how nervous she was doing her first television interview. Steve did what he could to comfort her on the air but Maddie was very self conscious:

Do you think people will think it’s charming? I just want you guys to like me…I’m not going to remember this at all!

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