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TWISTED Set Visit Interviews: Kylie Bunbury, Maddie Hasson, Ashton Moio

Maddie Hasson Greeting!

Twisted Maddie’s Hasson says hello! Don’t miss the series premiere Tuesday, June 11 at 9/8c on ABC Family!

MTV Movie Awards : Avan Jogia and Maddie Hasson Are Ready To Get ‘Twisted’

The stars of the new ABC Family show tell fans what they can expect from the upcoming mystery series that follows a young man’s release from juvy.

Underdogs – Trailer

The first trailer for “Underdogs” has just been released! Check it out below!

ABC Family films pilot in Nyack

Hi! I’ve found a little video of Maddie on the set of SOCIO with Avan Jogia. You can view it below

NEWS12.COM — NYACK – The cameras were rolling in Nyack today for a new TV pilot.

Crews filmed the pilot for “Socio,” a new TV series for ABC Family, starring Denise Richards.

In the show, Nyack will stand in for the fictional town of Green Cove, N.Y. The series is about a teenage sociopath who becomes the prime suspect when a fellow student is murdered.

The crews will be filming in Nyack until Thursday evening.